Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

The organisers are preparing four main themes to give visitors a better understanding of the Zoo’s activities.

  • On Thursday, you can get an insight into the daily life of our keepers, meet an elephant keeper and a rhino keeper. You can also take part in an almost real elephant training session.
  • On Friday, their educational experts will be waiting for visitors at their stand, presenting their zoo education offer, their courses and their camps.
  • On Saturday, you can learn about the work of the Wildlife Rescue Centre and test your skills on playful exercise sheets.
  • On Sunday, you can try your hand at insect specialities and test your courage.

Every day, their animal show colleagues will present a live animal, “Be There!” with live animals and a short educational presentation. Every day between 10am and 12pm, you can take a selfie with the animals!

  • Thursday: uhu (Bubo bubo), rat (Rattus)
  • Friday: raven (Corvus corax), wood scavenger (Potos flavus)
  • Saturday: uhu (Bubo bubo), rat (Rattus)
  • Sunday: barn owl (Tyto alba), harris hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus)

You will be able to buy zoo tickets at a 20% discount at their stand, payment possible by credit card. These discounted tickets can be used from the date of purchase until 30 April 2024.