Guests of honor

Guest of honour from abroad: Bulgaria

Scenic nature, hot spring waters, fabulous seaside towns, golden sand beaches, historical treasures, remarkable monasteries, unforgettable mountain views and a variety of sports – it’s all Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery and a unique Bulgarian spirit.

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Bulgaria combines Thracian, Byzantine, Roman, Slavic and Bulgarian cultures.
Bulgarian beaches and the Black Sea offer excellent conditions for a variety of water sports such as surfing, water-skiing, diving, fishing. The Black Sea resorts offer opportunities for hiking, cycling and horse riding, as well as ecotourism, photo safaris and excursions to natural, cultural and architectural sites.

The rose is the symbol of Bulgaria. Rose picking, one of the oldest traditional customs in Bulgaria, has become a tourist attraction.

Discover the culinary charm of the country!

Bulgarian cuisine is extremely varied and tasty, with a variety of salads, breads, stews and other local dishes. Many dishes are based on traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries. The regions surrounding Bulgaria have proudly preserved their traditional recipes and continue to offer typical local culinary delights.

Domestic guest of honour: Gyula and Békés County

Gyula – a magical place you must see!

Gyula, a charming little town in the Körös Valley, offers guests a wealth of experiences at any time of the year. The town has a special atmosphere: calming and eye-catching.

The old halls of the medieval castle and the beautiful baroque palace are a blend of old times. Among the centuries-old trees of the castle park is the famous Castle Baths, which offer an experience for all ages: relaxation and entertainment, as well as the chance to cure a variety of ailments thanks to the thermal waters that rise from the great depths.

The town has a wide range of museums and exhibitions. There is a memorial museum in the house where the great composer Ferenc Erkel was born. The unique exhibition in the Ladics House presents the entire heritage of a rural family. The Kohán Picture Gallery and the TájVízHáz also offer plenty to do, but Gyula also has a Sausage Museum, a Radio History Exhibition, a Shop Museum and a small castle in the outlying Gyulavári, which also has open doors, interesting exhibitions and locally produced craft beers. While exploring the town, the famous Hundred Years Confectionery, which in fact dates back almost 200 years, offers a special experience with its reformed atmosphere.

When visiting Gyula, you should also try the local gastronomic specialities: the famous Gyula sausages, pálinka, craft beers, bonbons and chocolates, Gyula honey and other local handicraft products.

The town’s beautiful natural surroundings offer excellent opportunities for hiking, cycling and water sports. The Mályvád Forest, Szanazug, Városerdő and Póstelek are great places for active recreation just a few kilometres from Gyula.

The town hosts several big events over several days throughout the year. The Gyulai Pálinka Festival, the Körösvölgyi Sokadalom, the Végvári Days, the Honey and Gingerbread Festival and the summer season of the Gyulai Castle Theatre are all very popular every year.

Gyula has recently become the Eldorado of escape rooms. Game-loving tourists can spend days playing these adventurous games in the castle, the palace, the Sausage Museum and even the Adventure Cellar in the Tourinform Office.

For parents with children, the Playhouse, located next to the castle, offers a range of outdoor and indoor leisure activities. However, those who like to play outdoors will not be disappointed either, with the Parapoly, the Gyula (Culinary) Tour and the Gyula the Wanderer cards, which offer imaginative puzzles to tempt adventurers to explore the city.

Lovers of active recreation can hop on their bikes and explore the beauty of the outskirts of Gyula on excellent cycle paths, or visit old noble mansions and admire the natural beauty of the breathtaking lowland landscape along the Wenckheim cycle path.

All in all, Gyula and its surroundings are a magical part of Hungary, with plenty to see and do – and the hospitality of the locals.

The characters of the county

An important objective of the Municipality of Békés County is the exploration and presentation of the values of Békés County.

The municipality, as the owner of the Békés County Treasury, participates in the four-day programme with a travelling exhibition. The exhibition will use modern technology to present all the values that characterise Békés County in a virtual way.

At the Békés County stand, visitors will be able to browse through the publication “Békés is my home”, which will give them a colourful insight into all that makes Békés County special. The book also gives a picture of the waters, castles, huts, active and eco-tourism opportunities in Békés.

We hope we have aroused your interest and we hope to see you again in Békés county in the near future!

Alföld Slow Association

The Alföld Slow Association was founded in 2018, currently 25 settlements of Békés (Almáskamarás, Békés, Békéssámson, Biharugra, Csabaszabadi, Csanádapáca, Ecsegfalva, Elek, Csorvás, Doboz, Gádoros, Gyomaendrőd, Gyula, Kamut, Kardoskút, Kevermes, Kétegyháza, Kondoros, Kunágota, Lőkösháza, Magyardombegyháza, Nagykamarás, Sarkad, Újkígyós, Vésztő) are involved in the cooperation. The Alföld Slow Association considers the spreading and living of slow tourism and the slow approach, the awakening of interest in the topic among the Hungarian municipalities, and through this the support and strengthening of local and domestic production and tourism enterprises as its most important goals. The association also aims to live in the moment in a fast-paced world, to become more aware of the need to live and consume, which is also the basis of health. In recent years, three conferences have been organised on the role of slow movements, slow tourism, sustainability and local products in rural tourism. At Travel+, we will showcase the diverse offer of our partners with a wide range of cultural, gastronomic and children’s activities. The local and tourist assets of the 25 municipalities of Friesland can be found at


The town of Békés is located in the north-eastern part of the Körös-Maros area, one of the lowest areas of the country. One of the main tourist attractions of the town is the Dánfok Resort. The grassy area of almost 32 hectares, next to the wild and romantic Körösök river, is characterised by a well-kept, landscaped, wooded and grove-like environment. It has its own private beach, which provides a pleasant holiday for both young and old. The Békés Spa and Thermal Baths, opened in 2009, is located on Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Street, in the direction of the town centre. The Jantyik Mátyás Museum is located in the baroque building of the “Great House” on Széchenyi Square. The building houses a permanent exhibition of local history, archaeology and ethnography. The outstanding product of local gastronomy is the traditionally produced fruit brandy, which is produced in the Békés Brandy Centre, a former synagogue. In addition to its museum function, the building, which is under monument protection, offers the opportunity to organise conferences, gatherings of friends, pálinka brewing and pálinka tasting programmes. Another famous product of Békés is sausage. The employees of the Békés Meat Manufactory produce handcrafted butcher’s specialities without additives, which are matured and preserved in the same traditional way as the old masters.

Békéscsaba – City of Munkácsy

Discover Békéscsaba, the city of Munkácsy! Békéscsaba is the seat of Békés county, but many people refer to it as the capital of sausage. Békéscsaba’s 59,000 residents are proud of its beauty and history. Its charming squares, beautiful downtown, culture and gastronomy are what make Békéscsaba a desirable tourist destination.

Békéscsaba is a bicycle-friendly town, and nothing is more indicative of this than the fact that most of its residents get on their bikes every day, and even the artwork on the streets bears witness to this.

The winner of the Aktív Magyarország Cycling Route of the Year 2023 competition is the Wenckheim tourist and cycling route, which will take cycling enthusiasts along a 30 km route linking the architectural heritage of the Wenckheim family. The thematic cycle route also offers a chance to admire the cultural monuments that enrich our region, as well as natural and unique landscape values.

Békéscsaba will be present with a colourful offer on the Gyula and Békés County stand, which will be the guest of honour at the 24th Travel Exhibition. The focus will be on the Munkácsy Quarter, which presents the legacy of the world-famous Hungarian painter Mihály Munkácsy, the Wenckheim Cycle Route, which connects the castles of Békés and boasts the title of Cycling Route of the Year, the Csaba sausage, a Hungarian speciality, and the Csaba Sausage Festival, the world’s largest stuffing competition. During the four days of the exhibition, visitors will also have the opportunity to experience accompanying programmes promoting the traditions and culture of the Békés Castle District. On Thursday, the Csabai Sausage Club will introduce you to the secrets of Csabai sausage making, on Friday the Békéscsaba Traditional Preservation Society will present a demonstration, on Saturday there will be a photo opportunity in front of Ferkó Kádár’s pig-feast photo wall, dressed in period costumes, and the painting genius Mihály Munkácsy will also visit the exhibition. On Sunday, the Munkácsy Quarter institution, the Napsugár Puppet Theatre, will entertain the audience. For more information on tourism in Békéscsaba, please visit!


With Sunshine, Water, Active Tourism, Relaxation Békésszentandrás awaits its guests

Located in the western gate of Békés county, 5 km from the town of Szarvas. The location of the settlement is largely determined by the fact that the area is home to Hungary’s current fifth largest standing water body, the Kákafoki-völgyága Hármas-Körös, and the Hármas-Körös river. This is why it is considered by many to be the most beautiful village in the Great Plain. There are more than 1,000 weekend houses in the village, predominantly along the estuary, which gives the village a strong tourist character.

The waterside village is a great attraction for anglers and water tourism enthusiasts, with an active kayaking scene and the possibility of renting boats, kayaks and sup.

Hungary’s largest fishpond (Gödény-halom) is located 7 km from the centre of Békésszentandrás, and is a good place for cyclists to visit.  Today the height of the pile is 12.26 metres, which once reached 15 metres. It is thought to have been a burial place from the Bronze Age. From its top you can see the former waterway of the Körös.

A popular hiking spot for tourists is the Horthy István dam in Békésszentandrás, which is also home to the largest small hydroelectric power plant in Central and Eastern Europe. The dam has two “gates”, each 7 metres high, which carry out the dam’s weir. The renovated water ladder and navigation lock are a sight to behold. Built in 1942, it is the largest dam of its time in Hungary, designed by Emil Mosonyi. A plaque commemorates Hugó Lampl, who played a major role in its construction. The inauguration was attended by Governor Miklós Horthy, as the dam was originally named after his son, István Horthy, who died a heroic death.

Békés County Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Tourism is not the main profile of the Békés County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but many Békés County businesses operating in this field are voluntary members of the Chamber. By volunteering, businesses and entrepreneurs can play an active role in the economic organisation of the county.

The fundamental task of the public chambers of commerce and industry is to promote the development and organisation of the economy, to create, preserve and enhance the security of business transactions and fair market conduct, and to promote the general and collective interests of those engaged in economic activity. In addition to the statutory tasks of the Chamber, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Békés County places great emphasis on the services provided to Chamber members and registered non-members. We provide advice on economic, financial, tax, credit, business partner search, tax, accounting, legal, trade technology, industrial property and intellectual property protection issues. We support businesses in accessing finance through tender monitoring and the Széchenyi Card programme. We organise presentations and help our members to access the market both at home and abroad. In vocational training, we supervise 124 apprenticeships, certify apprenticeships, assist in the conclusion of apprenticeship contracts, participate in master training and career guidance.

The Hungarian-Romanian Section of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry also operates under the auspices of the Békés County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the direct or co-organiser of numerous events, conference forums and business meetings in Hungary and Romania.


Gyomaendrőd in Békés county is one of the most atmospheric small towns in the Southern Great Plain. On the banks of the Hármas-Körös river, the picturesque shores and grassy backwaters invite you to swim, fish and play water sports. The romantic floodplain forests, groves, water beaches, the canopy walk and lookout of the Elizabeth League, offer unforgettable experiences and a real relaxation! If you are interested in culture, Gyomaendrőd is also waiting for you. Recharge your batteries in the town’s thermal baths, whose thermal waters can cure a wide range of ailments! You won’t be disappointed by our gastronomic events, the biggest of which are the International Cheese and Cottage Cheese Festival, the International Fish Cooking Competition and the VW Beetle Meeting. Come and discover Gyomaendrőd with us at Utazás+ 2024 from 22-25 February 2024! The Körösmenti Dance Ensemble will be present on site and we will be waiting for you at the stand with a Taste Shaping Cheese Tasting.

Körös-Maros National Park – Natural treasure trove of Békés county

A few centuries ago, Békés County was a realm of untamed wild waters, whose rivers, marshes, forests and wastelands now provide a habitat for an unimaginable variety of fish, game and birds. The Körösvölgyi Zoo in Szarvas, now visited by tens of thousands of visitors every year in the former garden of the Csáky manor house, in the Anna Grove, a centuries-old grove of trees. The park’s original flora and the diversity of its habitats make it an ideal place for visitors to discover the characteristic flora and fauna of the Körös-Maros countryside. The Natural Treasures of the Körös-Maros National Park are presented on two levels, over several hundred square metres, in the form of a permanent interactive exhibition. Every month, guests are entertained by colourful professional and experiential programmes, guided tours, sight-seeing tours, animal presentations and zoo-educational programmes. For those who like active tourism, we offer bicycle and canoe rentals to visit the natural attractions of the Körös-Maros National Park around Szarvas. On the Holt-Körös (Dead Red River), which borders the Anna grove, the Icebird water trail helps to learn about the history, characteristics and wildlife of the bay. At the Travel+ exhibition, families can enjoy nature workshops and skill games. Want to read more about nature’s treasures? Visit our website:

Castle of Vásárhelyi-Bréda in Lőkösháza

In the countryside of the Körös riverside, in the seemingly endless vastness of the unadulterated lowland landscape, in the middle of a round forest, the striking Vásárhelyi-Bréda Castle stands majestically undisturbed in silence. The building uses modern technology to dazzle visitors with a series of unique and interesting solutions. The main attraction of the castle is a permanent outdoor 3D projection of the building, the only one of its kind in Europe, on its façade every evening after sunset. An Orpheo Audio Guide system in 5 languages is available inside the castle, making the tour accessible to an even wider audience. The castle park is based on the native and introduced plant communities, mainly from the forest foothills, found here.


Those who come to Orosháza can experience the peaceful atmosphere of the lowlands and relaxing recreation. Our town awaits its guests with numerous historical and cultural values, living traditions, special natural features, a spa with spa certification, sports and leisure programmes, rich gastronomic values, hospitable restaurants and accommodation facilities to meet all needs. The Gyopárosfürdő is the pearl of the Great Plain and is a beach, a spa, a health resort, a sports centre and a beautiful natural asset offering outdoor activities. It has unique qualities, as our spa is located in a 10 hectare green park. The bathing culture of Gyopáros has more than 100 years of history. The water tower on the lakeside has become a well-known symbol of the spa. The medicinal waters, the therapies based on them and the stunning beauty of Lake Gyopárosi and its surroundings have long attracted bathers and spa visitors.

Szarvas -in the middle of historic Hungary

Szarvas is the western gateway of Békés county, situated on the Hármas-Körös river. It is the geometrical centre of historic Hungary, symbolised by a stylised windmill. For those who are sensitive to the historical significance of the sights, this place is definitely worth a trip.

For Szarvas, it is the proximity to water that gives the greatest tourist experience. Two cruise boats are available on the Holt-Körös, allowing visitors to admire the city’s sights and its magnificent wildlife from the water.

Visitors can admire a wide range of attractions and spend their leisure time in a relaxing and enjoyable way.

The Arboretum of Szarvas, one of the largest in the country, covers an area of 83 hectares and offers a wonderful experience with its flora and fauna all year round.

In its neighbourhood you can find the unique Mini Hungary interactive model park, where you can see nearly 100 architectural wonders.

A popular destination in our town is the Körösvölgy Zoo, where guests can learn about the past and present animal species of the Carpathian Basin.

A unique architectural marvel in Hungary, the Szarvas Water Theatre is a combination of an amphitheatre and a castle. During the summer, their performances are sold out almost every day.

Outdoor game lovers are invited to “In search of Tessedik’s treasure”, where the game follows a route marked with codes, passing by special locations and buildings. During the adventure you can discover the sights of the town and unravel the legend of Tessedik’s treasure.

Culture is not to be missed either, with permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Samuel Tessedik Museum. László Szabó’s private collection offers visitors a great experience with the TV cat, Mir-murr the tomcat and his companions. There is the only still functioning Dry Mill in the town, which is driven by real power (horse) and is shown to visitors 1-2 times a year.   In the centre of the town is the Turkish-style St. Clare Spa, with its indoor pools and whirlpool.