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Tamás Kassay

Online communications ninja, travel blogger, Asia lover and wellness enthusiast, owner of the tourism portal, member of the Association of Tourism Developers and Consultants, invited speaker on tourism marketing at the Hungarian Agricultural and Life Sciences University (MATE) in Gödöllő, the Károly Róbert campus in Gyöngyös, the Pannon University in Veszprém and the Tourism Club of the Budapest University of Economics and Business (BGE). He has worked on country marketing for Croatia, Jordan, Italy and Slovenia, as well as on destination marketing for Zalakaros and Miskolc, and has written numerous articles and articles on local experiences and attractions.

“My passion is the guest experience! As a consultant I help operators to increase their guest satisfaction, and as a blogger I build their brand reputation and awareness.”

Having visited 52 countries, she is particularly fond of the colours and smells of Asia and the hospitality of the Orient. As an adventurous backpacker, she is at home in 10-bed hostel rooms and as a wellness blogger, she is at home in 5-star luxury hotels. Her favourite places are Taiwan, Georgia. Besides Laos, he also likes the Pesterzsébet Spa, but his blog stories have been enticing the public to travel every day for many years and inspiring his professional followers to ever better service.

In 2024, he will talk about the hidden dangers of active tourism in his presentation at the Travel Expo Blogger Corner. In his usual humorous and engaging style, he will make all those who come to hear him think. Audiences are guaranteed to gain a wealth of new knowledge and insights to make their own journeys safer and more enjoyable.

Let’s discover together the best practices, tips and tricks to help you enjoy your active travels safely. Whatever your adventure, preparedness is key. Come along and learn how to make your adventures safer and more enjoyable!

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László Szécsi

What do swimming with sharks in Bora Bora, glacier tours in Alaska, the Rio Carnival or even koala swimming in Australia have in common? I had all these experiences while earning money.

As Teacher Lucky, I’ve been making videos from all over the world for almost 7 years now for the series “Can I fit in the suitcase? which has grown into one of the most watched travel channels in the country, and during my travels I have not only made great memories, but also gained a lot of experiences. During my presentation I will show you ways to spend months or even years abroad, and at the end you will have even more dollars, euros or Malaysian ringgit in your pockets than before you left. Whether it’s a job abroad, free accommodation or sponsorships with big brands, I’ll squeeze it all into that one hour.

If you’re one of those who travels for more than just counting the places you’ve been or looking for tips to save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on a trip, meet me at my presentation, I’ll be sure to have something new to tell you!

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Merci Patai

Patai Mercedesz, author of Én & Italy, has been writing about her beloved country, the fabulous Italy, on her blog for more than 12 years. She started her blog during her high school years and it functioned as a bucket list. Over the years, the blog has outgrown the framework of a personal blog and now functions as an academic knowledge platform, complementing Merci’s diverse activities.

In her posts, Merci tries to present the fabulous Italy from as broad a perspective as possible. In addition to the emblematic and hidden treasures of the country, local customs, arts, specialities, food, language and cultural differences are also highlighted.

In Merci’s life, her love of Italian culture is not only reflected in her travels, but also in her vocation. Her studies and professional experience are also strongly linked to Italy. Thanks to her endless passion, by the age of 29 she had earned 5 degrees, all of them related to the teaching and study of Italian and Hungarian language and culture. Merci has studied in Rome and Florence, worked on scholarships at universities and cultural associations, taught Hungarian as a foreign language and Italian, translated, published methodological articles, but has also been an au pair, hotel receptionist and animator, spending long months and years in eight different parts of Italy.

She currently teaches Italian and Hungarian as a foreign language online, translates, gives travel consultations and lectures on Italy, is studying to be a tour guide, and posts daily about her travel adventures to her followers. Merci has visited around 260 cities in Italy over the years.

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“Hi, I’m Fruzsi, my “traveler” name is FruMyLens.I was 19 years old when I went to work in America for 2 years. It was during this time that I got a taste for travelling and got hooked on this adventurous lifestyle. Since then I’ve been to many countries, travelling to Mexico, Iceland and Canada, working in New Zealand and Norway. Last year I started my own business as a travel consultant, creating tailor-made itineraries for clients.”

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360°bringa – Zita Zárug and Árpi Harkányi

Zita and Árpi didn’t even take their honeymoon lightly: for four years they cycled a total of 40,000 kilometres in 46 countries on 5 continents. It is not surprising that they set off for the Adriatic Sea by bike with their three children. But this time they switched to ebikes. In their presentation, they will talk about the why and the how, as well as the experiences. Contrary to their initial fear that “going on a boat would kill the adventure”, why did they experience it the other way round? Why did the four of them have to push (in the pouring rain) even the ebringas at the same time up a steep hill? How can you cycle 1000 kilometres with 3 small children? …and much more, with lots of photos from the trips. They will also be happy to answer questions from participants at the end of the presentation.

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Judy Bérczes – Utazóanya

“Travel until you have no children, because after that you won’t be able to.” – I was told the same thing a long time ago.

I’m Judy, Travelling Mum, and in the last five years I’ve been to 39 countries with my three young children and my husband. We’ve camped in the Sahara, explored street food in Mexico City, and swam in a geothermal spa in Iceland.

But our most adventurous trip so far was to Argentina, where we visited one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Iguazú Falls, played catch in the salt marshes of the Argentine Andes and ate real Argentine steak, all with our three under-fives and many other adventures.

In the last few years, I’ve been providing inspiration and motivation, mainly through my Instagram page, for those who want to get out, experience and see the world with a baby or toddler.

In my presentation, I will tell you how we were able to spend four adventurous weeks in South America with our three toddlers.

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István Csutka

Thru hike, or long-distance hiking.

It is an increasingly popular form of trekking around the world. But why is this interest growing so much and is it really as exciting, spectacular and exhilarating as people think it is? So why do only 20-25% of people complete these trails? Is our age or gender an advantage? What are its difficulties and pitfalls and, above all, what does it offer us that makes more and more of us embark on what is probably the greatest adventure of our lives, despite the physical and mental difficulties and dangers?

In my Blogger Corner presentation I will talk about this and I will try to show you all the little moments in the life of a thru hiker, including the ultra-light hiking that is also becoming a growing trend today, so that if you decide to take the plunge, it will be for the beauty and the experience it gives you, not for the negatives or tragedies.

Over the years, I have visited 45 countries and worn my countless hiking boots to tatters, covering more than 20,000 kilometres on various hiking trails. From Mexico to Canada, from Syria to Saudi Arabia, across Greenland, or even during my National Blue Circle hiking record in my home country, I try to share my experiences with you. Follow me!

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Kristóf Papp

I’m a passionate traveller and TikTok content producer, besides my own channel I may also be known from the channel of a telecom company.

I am always open to discovering new places and sharing adventures. I love a challenge, I’ve tried very hard to make trips as cheap as possible. The cheapest return flight I bought was 2.798 Ft to Porto, but I flew to Berlin specifically for free. I think almost anybody can travel to foreign countries, just not sure if we mean the same thing by travel…

Countries I’ve been to: USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Netherlands, Latvia, Austria, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Turkey, Russia, UAE and Georgia

I report on my travels on TikTok, but I can also be found on several other platforms:


Aliz Ertler

Aliz Ertler is a graphic designer, marketer, co-owner of the Wild Boar Cottage in Badacsonyörs, and above all a world traveller. I graduated from high school in the year of the regime change, and thanks to a newspaper ad I spent 10 weeks in the USA as an au pair. I graduated as an economist in Pécs, studied with a scholarship in Aarhus, Denmark, and lived for several years in Amsterdam, Moscow and Dubai. I have visited 100 countries around the world. Gotta go! – My book Travels Outside Your Comfort Zone from Brazil to Kamchatka was published in English and Hungarian at the end of October 2023.

The book is unique: 100 stories – 40 countries – 32 topics in alphabetical order

Mummy, Bicycle, Carousel, Wonderland….. Railways, Wellness, Zsibvásár…. and Badacsonyörs

The book is about countries that are in the public mind dangerous, dirty, expensive, uninteresting or just have a bad infra structure. My personal stories are about everyday and not-so-ordinary topics, through which we can experience how different things are in, say, Colombia, Madagascar or Indonesia, and how interesting our little world is because of that difference. I also write about popular destinations, but with an unusual approach, such as wine in Thailand or modern art galleries in Dubai. In the final chapter of the book, I go through most of the topics in relation to my home town, Badacsonyörs.

My 35 years of travelling, my experiences, my stories are not only interesting for those who want to learn more about the diversity, values and traditions of other countries and cultures, who are looking for exploration, challenges, adventures, new experiences, who want to know more about the wildlife, forests, deserts, peaks and lakes of our planet, but also for those who do not travel due to various constraints or choices, but can travel the world with the stories in their imagination. I mainly do not travel the world along the lines of the big spectacles, but present the everyday, small wonders and hopefully give more answers to the question of how this is possible during my presentation.

The importance of the book lies in the fact that it deals with prejudices that can often lead to fear, hatred and violence.