Africa Expo Budapest

12th AFRIKA EXPO BUDAPEST- 22-25 February 2024!

Between 22-25 February 2024 at the 12th Africa Expo Budapest, 22 exhibitors representing 17 African countries will present their products on 500 square metres in Pavilion A, Stand 210 A of the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre!

The 2024 Africa Expo, which will be held concurrently with the Travel Exhibition, will be a key professional partner and supporter of the HAND Alliance (International NGO Alliance for Humanitarian and Development NGOs) and its member organisations.  With the support of the European Union, and with the help of a grant from the European Presidency, the Expo’s motto is Sustainable Development – Partnership – Future! This already suggests that the Hungarian exhibitors, non-profit and diplomatic organisations, craftsmen and experts from Africa and Africa-related fields at the expo see Africa as the continent of the future, a continent full of opportunities and inescapable. A continent worth engaging with, a continent worth building partnerships with, a continent worth working together for under the auspices of sustainable development.

Come to the 12th Africa Expo Budapest to learn more about the Southern Continent at the exhibitors’ stands and at the professional conference on 23 February 2024.

During the expo you can meet Hungarian NGOs that have been working in Africa for years, even decades, from Congo to Mali, from Senegal to Uganda. You can find out which organisations you can get involved in, whether in Hungary or in Africa, as a volunteer, supporter, “remote adopter”, etc. You can get first-hand information on the ground about many African countries, building on local experience, so if you come as a visitor with a business idea, you can build a useful and effective network of contacts with exhibitors over the four days of the expo. If you are visiting the event as an interested Traveller, you can find out all about how to travel to Kenya during the Great Migration, the Sahara in Algeria or spend New Year’s Eve in Senegal on the Atlantic coast from the Travel to Africa desk’s Africa expert advisors.

The 12th Africa Expo Budapest will also showcase Africa’s unique and beautiful folk art products, and show how Hungarian artisans can draw inspiration from African culture. The Africa Expo’s own stage, children’s programmes (African face painting and handicrafts) and the Travel Expo stage will entertain the audience with spectacular African music and dance shows, travelogues and family activities during Africa Minutes!

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