Public programs

Blogger Meeting
Pavilion A – Blogger Meeting Point
29th February – 1st March

The Blogger Meeting awaits travellers, fans and visitors on the weekend. At the Blogger Meeting Point venue well-known Hungarian bloggers will hold presentations, travelogues for the audience interested, who can not only get to know their favourites personally but receive useful travel tips and tricks as well.

10th Unwalked Paths Festival
Pavilion A
29th February – 1st March

The Unwalked Paths Festival, Hungary’s largest event for independent and extreme travelers, is celebrating its 10th edition at Travel exhibition 2020.

Hungarian and foreign travelers, well-known travel bloggers from around the world gather this weekend to share their stories and experiences with the audience looking to travel.

Active Island
Pavilion A 212B
29th February – 1st March

According to international trends, one of the main topics of the exhibition is active relaxation. So, it is not a coincidence that Active Island is being organised at Travel Exhibition for the third time. The island consists of several stands which teams around 4 active relaxation methods: cycling, hiking, rowing and holiday boating. On the island there will be various programs through the four days: photo wall, rowing ergometer, Tour de Hongrie bike duel, visitors can also create jewelleries and keychain from bicycle parts and they can also get to know the knotting techniques essential to boating, as well.

National Sport Agency Non-profit Ltd.
Pavilion A 212C
29th February – 1st March

On the stand of National Sport Agency Non-profit Ltd. anyone can bike through the route of Giro d’Italia via VR glasses, can take a look at the stickered up Giro d’Italia tow truck or take special, theme-fitting pictures. Some lucky visitors can also win dome small prizes at the wheel of fortune.

National Palace Program and National Castle Program
Pavilion A 307B
29th February – 1st March

The National Palace Program and National Castle Program presents the 34 monuments under revitalization. On Thursday the visitors will be able to see the program offering of the Kamalduli Hermitage in Majkai, the Esterházy Castle in Tata on Friday, the Edelényi Castle Island on Saturday and the Saint Ladislaus Memorial in Somogyvár, and on Sunday the Pipo Castle in Ozora.

Caravan Salon
Pavilion A
29th February – 1st March

Caravan Salon will be organized at Travel Exhibition in 2020 in a larger area than ever before. On 2.600 square-meters 75 domestic caravans and camper vans will we displayed, featuring the widest range of local supply. In addition to exploring the caravans themselves, visitors can also get to know the relevant associations and browse through equipment and essential supplies.

Momentán – Improvisational Theatre
Pavilion A – Stage
29th February

After the great success last time, the Momentán Improvisation Theatre is preforming on the stage of the Travel exhibition again! The show is created with the audience involved, based on the ideas of the audience, so in 2020 the visitors of the event can once again enjoy a unique and unrepeatable performance!

Stage programs
Pavilion A – Stage
28th February – 1st March

As visitors have become accustomed to, the Travel exhibition stage is always filled with a variety of colorful shows, performances, music and dance. It won’t be any different in 2020!

9. Africa Expo Budapest
Pavilion A
29th February – 1st March

In 2020, the Africa Expo Budapest, the first, thus most exclusive, four-day international thematic forum for Africa, will return to the Travel exhibition in 2020. The success of the event has been uninterrupted since 2011, with 295,000 visitors so far interested in the 158 companies and organizations from 26 African countries.

Budapest Boat Show
Pavilion G and F
27th February – 1st March

The Travel exhibition will be held in 2020 at the same time with Hungary’s biggest landlocked harbour, the season-opening event of sailing and water sports, Budapest Boat Show. The exhibition will wait for it’s visitors in the neighbouring pavilions: G and F on 7.100 square meters – which will be 1.000 square meters more than the previous years – with nearly 130 sailing, electric and motorboats, with many equipment, complementary supplies.

The most significant local and international sailing brands will bring their novelties to Budapest Boat Show, meanwhile engines, technical supplies, navigation devices, accessories, emergency supplies, boat building materials, jet-skis, water ski and wakeboard supplies will be showcased. The visitors can also get to know port services as well as the supplies of the biggest boat insurance and renting companies.

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!