Frenklin park Teknősotthon Foundation

Date: 24-26. February, every day 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Location: A pavilion stand 309B

The Frenklin park Teknősotthon Foundation provides a home for turtles who can’t or don’t want to keep them any longer. Our goal is to spread knowledge and raise awareness about the animals presented and what the long-term benefits of keeping these animals are, which is not told in a pet store. Our goal is to educate people’s children by bringing them close to animals.


Adopters receive a virtual memory card, and children and adults can take a photo with the adopted animal and the memory card. A plastic memorial sheet is also filled out, which is placed in the animal’s enclosure at home and can be visited at any time. The price of this adoption is HUF 3,000, which will be put into our donation box and thus support Frenklin Park and our animals. All our animals are adopted, rescued animals.