Africa Expo

Pavilion H, 501

After a year of skipping, in line with the new trends and the date of the 2022 Travel Exhibition, we are pleased to announce that the 10th Hungary Helps Africa Expo Budapest will be held on 3-6th March, 2022 at the same time with the Travel Exhibition, Unwalked Paths Festival and Budapest Boat Show at the Pavilion H, at HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

The event, supported by the Hungary Helps Program, will feature more than 22 organizations on 480 m2, representing nearly fifteen African countries in HUNGEXPO’s newly built, beautiful and modern Pavilion H. You can find non-profit organizations as exhibitors, who carry out great, exemplary and sustainable development projects in various African countries with the support of the Hungary Helps Program. They build schools in Tanzania, help hospitals or schools in Congo. Others are fighting menstrual poverty in Mali or they are supporting the schooling of children living in deep poverty in West Africa.

This unique, gap-filling event in Central and Eastern Europe presents a wide range of projects supported by the Hungarian state in Africa and it highlights its results. Furthermore they introduce us the everyday heroes, volunteers, organizational representatives who help Africa with their enthusiasm, dedication and professional experience.

At the Travel to Africa stand visitors can explore tourist destinations, and they can meet the travel agency’s group attendants and staff in person, also learn everything about travelling to Tanzania, Zanzibar, Senegal, Algeria and other exciting regions.

Families and children can learn about African art in an interactive way: they can bead, make a mask or African animal figures out of paper among many other fun family programs at the African Children’s Corner.

On Saturday and Sunday, Ethiopian Airlines Africa Stage will host introductory performances, roundtable discussions and other exclusive cultural programs. There will be a ferocious Senegalese dance and drum show, balafon music, and an audience favorite: acrobatic dance performed by Senegalese award-winning dancer, Abdoul Camara. Furthermore, Africa will introduce themselves on the stage of the Travel Exhibition in 2 x 20 minutes a day.

The Africa Expo provides a unique opportunity for non-profit organizations working in Africa to introduce themselves, build relationships, raise donations, find volunteers and build additional professional relationships. Furthermore, it is a great occasion to present their culture and volunteer opportunities in African countries to the visitors.

List of exhibitors:

  • Adra Adventista Fejlesztési és Segély Alapítvány
  • Afréka Alapítvány
  • Afrika Galéria és Kézműves Shop – Afrika Bazár
  • Afrika Másként Alapítvány
  • Afrika Sztorik Egyesület
  • Afrikáért Alapítvány 
  • Blythswood Romania
  • EthiCoffee Ltd. Co
  • Földkelte Kulturális és Környezetvédelmi Egyesület
  • Hungary Helps Program
  • HWTC – Hungarian Water Technology Corporation Kft
  • IMRO Alapítvány
  • Jane Goodall Intézet
  • Kincs O- NestingPlay
  • Közel Afrikához Alapítvány
  • Kultúrafrika Alapítvány
  • Szívemben született Afrika Egyesület
  • Taita Alapítvány Afrikai Gyermekekért
  • Utazz Afrikába Utazási Iroda
  • WohnderDrone Kft