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Hungarys No. 1 tourism fair is Travel Expo, which has been organized for 41 years in HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.

Held on February 21-24, 2019, Travel Expo focuses on fun experience, establishing personal connections and providing the widest possible range of information for visitors. In line with our “There is an active weekend” slogan, we organize a special long weekend presenting the highest possible number of foreign destinations, Hungarian tourism regions and travel-related service companies. The participants of the event will be given information on destinations, holiday resorts, accommodation facilities and answers from travel experts to any arising questions, all at the same place and time. Designed to inspire travel, the environment is accompanied by entertainment programmes as well.

The exhibition’s first day is the professional day, giving a forum for international and domestic B2B meetings, tourism-related presentations and workshops. The featured theme of 2019 will be sport tourism. On the second day, i.e., Friday, we welcome tourism students with contests and programmes organized as part of the Student Professional Day.


Also held on February 21-24, 2019, Travel Expo’s co-event is the Budapest Boat Show, which is the grand season-opening event of Hungary’s largest land port, sailing and water sports. The exhibition will showcase the entire range of Hungarian sailing, motor and electric boats for the 28th time in 2019. It will also focus on active and boating tourism as well as the “Explorable Hungary” programme, which allows many companies involved in boat travel, boat leasing and charters to present their offers to the interested visitors. Boating-related equipment, services and water sport tools will also be showcased on stage, in the Programme Island and the Demonstration Pool, which welcome visitors with whole-day programmes.

Featuring all the above, we are planning a unique and special weekend. The Travel Expo, the Budapest Boat Show, the Africa Expo and Fair, the Caravan Salon and the Unwalked Paths Festival are all aimed at conjuring up the atmosphere, tastes and scents of an active, fun-filled summer for the days of the exhibition.


As the foreign guest of honour, Algeria is taking particular care to showcase the country’s famous sights. Although not quite so well-known in Hungary, the largest country of Africa’s Mediterranean region offers a multitude of interesting sights. In addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the remnants of the Roman Empire, the mixture of the Arab and French culture with the Roman and Barbary past, the natural environment is very colourful, too. Visitors are welcomed by a Mediterranean coastline, snow-covered mountain tops and deserts.

As the local guests of honour, Bács-Kiskun County and Kecskemét appeared with 28 municipalities and 6 organizations working together in an attempt to display the diversity that characterizes this colourful region.

The contributors are working with vast enthusiasm and cooperative spirit to collect the natural beauties and architectural rarities that best represent the territory. It is a great challenge to evoke the unique moods of the wine cellar rows of Hajós, the endless grasslands of Bugac, Izsák’s Kolon Lake alive with the songs of birds, the banks of the Danube along Baja, the Félegyháza baths, bustard mating in Kiskunság, and natural lakes.

For this reason they spun together these rightly famous or undeservingly overlooked treasures of Bács-Kiskun County around three central ideas: health-, wine- and gastro tourism. The goal is to awaken the desire in the greatest number of people, families and children on school trips to learn more about the pleasures of the plains of Petőfi, the Daru Street of Móra, Nemesnándorudvar’s “juice of the mountain”, the Cifra Palace of Kecskemét, the baths built on the healing thermal waters, and the culinary experiences built upon the traditions of the Great Plain.

Next year’s cultural guest of honour will be “Castles and palaces”. The total number of Hungarian castles and palaces are estimated around 1500-2000, of which 718 are protected palaces and 103 castles respectively, according to the survey of the National Office of Cultural Heritage, with 51 of them operated as palace hotels. Many of the castles and palaces are open for guests, there are visitor centres built around them to inform and entertain tourists. These facilities will be showcased at the exhibition in a playful and interactive form.


All the trailers and campers this country has to offer will be showcased at the Travel exhibition in the active tourism section. These vehicles provide travelers with a feeling of total freedom, flexibility and mobility. They can be used to transport bicycles, motorbikes and even smaller cars, opening up a wider range of possibilities to the active traveler.
In addition to vehicles, there will be camping service providers, supplies and accessories, as well as the introduction of local and international camping associations and campsites.

Along with many interesting features, visitors can gain insight into this unique, captivating world.


The core theme of Travel 2019 will be sport tourism, shown by the participants of the professional day from various aspects in the framework of presentations and workshops. At the weekend, we will welcome visitors with exciting sports demonstrations and events as well as highly interesting travelogues at the Unwalked Path Festival. You can also meet, talk and exchange ideas with famous travel bloggers at the exhibition. We are building a Children’s corner for the entertainment of children, offering programmes for the age group of 4-9.