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Outdoor Island - for exhibitors

In 2019, the Travel Exhibition will be launched under the slogan “There is an active weekend”. We’re planning a unique, extended weekend, which will focus on acquiring experiences, developing personal ties and informing as many visitors as we can by presenting as many foreign destinations, domestic regions and travel-related service providers as possible. We feel Travel 2019 will be a modern, youthful, trendy and experience-oriented event while catering to visitors by providing a rich body of travel information and credible experts.

Cycling is closely tied to active tourism, which we will be promoting through our Outdoor Island site. We will use this location to present cycling as a form of transportation and a leisure time activity.



At the Travel 2018 exhibition, 40% of the visitors were of Generation X and 47% of Generation Y. The exhibition is fundamentally a family event, which means that most arrive with their family or couple. According to our post-exhibition research, 55% of respondents reviewed the entire Bike Expo. In 2019, the Budapest Boat Show will be hosted concurrently with the Travel Exhibition, which means that the 4-day event will feature 2 exhibitions, Travel 2019 and the Budapest Boat Show, plus the Caravan Salon, Africa Expo and Fair and the 8th Unwalked Paths Festival as accompanying events, collectively promising a total of 35,000 visitors and potential interested parties.


The Budapest Boat Show is the greatest land-locked harbour of Hungary and the grand season-opening event of boating and water sports. Apart from reviewing the full domestic range of sail, motor and electric boats, visitors can gain insights into active and boat-based tourism as well as the Accessible Hungary program.


As part of the Travel Exhibition, the Outdoor Island will feature cycling and hiking-related accessories and equipment. Special emphasis will be placed on urban cycling alongside the highlighted feature of electric bicycles.


We will be hosting an Eliminator cycling competition for adults, allowing participants to put their basic, fundamental cycling skills to the test. Younger visitors can try our dexterity and traffic bike paths that we’ll create for the occasion. Additionally, we encourage exhibitors to present their services and products in an interactive way in order to establish positive emotional relations, providing visitors with a hands-on experience, so they could try and play with the various features.

It is important for us to convey the sense to visitors that these 4 days represent a unique, one-time-only occasion in the year!

We kindly inform you that should you indicate your intention to participate in the event by submitting the attached application form by 25 January 2019, you can book your exhibition space with a discounted placement fee.

We’re counting on You!