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As customary, the opening ceremony of the Travel exhibition 2017, the greatest domestic tourism event, took place on the morning of the event’s professional day. The event’s ambassador, Ms. Andrea Kandász first called Mr. Gábor Ganczer, CEO of Hungexpo C.Co. Ltd., to the stage. The brief opening was followed by speeches from the mayor of Győr, Mr. Zsolt Borkai, as well as from deputy CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency Mr. Dr. Péter Princzinger, Ms. Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky, the deputy mayor of Budapest, the archabbot of Pannonhalma, Mr. Asztrik Várszegi, as well as the adviser of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Mr. Ljahov Valerij Vladimirovich, representing the foreign guest of honour. As the closing event of the opening ceremony, last year’s domestic guest of honour, Budapest passed the baton on to Győr.


An exhibition always closely mirrors the current state of the market. The Travel exhibition is no different in this respect. This year, with the growing international tendency of self-organized, online travel arrangements, an increasing number of Hungarian regions, town, micro-regions and tourism attractions were represented by individual stands.

The exhibition yet again filled the day-to-day existence of the tourism industry to the brim with action. A total of 1132 registrations were received for the conferences and section lectures hosted on the opening day and the morning of the second day of the exhibition. The series of professional events kicked off with the trend report of Mr. Dr. Zoltán Somogyi (UNWTO) on the theme of world tourism, focusing on the issue of safety. A two-hour long section lecture dealt with LMBTQ tourism and the presentations on Carpathian Ruthenia and Cambodia proved to be highly popular. On the second day of the Travel exhibition, Budapest and Győr hosted a joint conference on sports, sport tourism, sporting events and their impact, followed by a talk from the Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies (MUISZ) on the issue of the liability of travel agencies. The Semmelweis Health Tourism Conference was yet again a highly successful event.

This year, the Travel exhibition’s foreign guest of honour was Russia, presenting its tourism sites and, thanks to the Matrjoska Bistro, its culinary delights to the general public. Two travel agencies, 1000 Út and Robinson Tours, joined the Russian island booth, allowing guests interested in visiting the country to find out more about travel offers on site. The participation of Győr, the exhibition’s domestic guest of honour was mainly due to the European Youth Olympic Festival with Pannonhalma as the cultural guest of honour.

The stage featured a wide range of entertaining performances, whilst the stands offered visitors a wealth of experiences from music to tasting, handicrafts to stars. Kids could have a great time at the giant Kidspark playhouse. The entry ticket for the Travel exhibition also provided access to all simultaneous events, including the Africa Expo in Hall A and the Bike Expo housed
in Hall G.


This year, we adopted a different approach to travellers than in the past. During the campaign of the Travel exhibition, we placed emphasis on online advertising spaces in the media mix. We communicated through a range of new media:

  • We established cooperation with Instagram influencers, many of whom attended the event in person;
  • The increasingly popular Utazómajom (Travel Monkey) was also included in our media plan;
  • apart from online advertisements, we were also present on Spotify with audio spots, reaching an exceptionally high rate of clicks;
  • popular youtuber Mr. Csaba Magyarósi made a video for us;
  • in the case of RTL Klub, we focused on online channels apart from regular TV broadcasts;
  • in fact, the Travel exhibition launched its own dedicated Instagram and LinkedIn profile.

As part of the new communication strategy, we also offered a new creative approach. The goal of all of these measures was to rejuvenate the target group of the Travel exhibition and attract generation Y.


In order to get to know the visitors of the Travel exhibition and to establish the direction of further development, we carried out online surveys both during and after the event.


The opening day of the Travel exhibition was attended by 5308 tourism industry experts.


At the end of our report, let us take this opportunity to thank all of the participating exhibitors, media partners, the representatives of the press and the organizers of accompanying events, the organizing team of the exhibition as well as its subcontractors for their work in preparing and realizing the Travel 2017 exhibition. We are overjoyed by the fact that this year, nearly 30,000 visitors interested in travelling and tourism experts attended the event. We feel that this number – in light of the changes in travel habits, as well as the continuous growth of self-organized, online travel arrangements – is a significant achievement. We hope to see you again in 2018!