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Application form

Dear Exhibitors,

You can find every necessery information about the appearance conditions, prices and the details of handing the application form on the downloadable material. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us on one of the given contacts in the Contacts menu.

Application Form

We offer special rewards for exhibitors who plan in advance!

The first 20 applicants for the Travel Exhibition 2020 and / or Caravan Salon will receive an EXTRA 20% discount.

Conditions of the unique offer:

  • swiftness, as you must be one of the first 20 applicants;
  • submitting a signed application form by 30 June 2019;
  • settling the full amount of the placement fee within 30 days of signing the application form.

Those exhibitors who satisfy the above-listed conditions will receive an EXTRA unique 20% discount, which will be subsequently credited.