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8. Unwalked Paths Festival - Pavilion 25

The Unwalked Paths Festival is Hungary’s biggest independent and extreme traveler event. The festival is set to feature over 60 lectures, workshops and roundtable discussions while showcasing various countries and themes such as active tourism, environmental consciousness and sustainable tourism.

Domestic and foreign travelers who choose to go off the well-beaten path and popular travel bloggers gather from all parts of the world to share their stories and experiences with those interested in traveling. They serve as a source of inspiration and provide a host of ideas and specific tips: where, when, how and why to visit various destinations and write blogs. We’ve invited lecturers and consultants who represent new or different approaches compared to their mainstream counterparts.

The event will also feature English language lectures, allowing foreigners living in Hungary to take in the experiences and atmosphere offered by the festival.

We are also planning a 3D cave projection, with caverna.hu guiding us through the world of stalactites. Visitors can try the virtual 3D headset free of charge, allowing them to visit any destination in the world in a matter of seconds, from the peak of Mount Everest to the Amazon Jungle or the Pyramids in Egypt. Those interested in capturing their experiences can try a special camera known as the Selfiemat and take selfies with lecturers in exotic surroundings. 

If you’d like to travel around the world for the price of 8 bus tickets, look no further!


It’s the journey that counts, not the destination…

More information about the program is on www.jaratlanutakon.hu