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The explorer is inside you.
We just inspire.

Which places will you visit this summer?
Come and be inspired at Hungary's largest tourism exhibition!

Foreign guest of honour: Russia
How about an adventurous trip in Russia? Start your journey at the Travel exhibition! We await your arrival with tea brewed in a samovar while the sights of the Red Square welcome you upon entering the pavilion. We are sure to pamper you with gastronomic delights from caviar to vodka, while the famous ‘squat’ dance is performed on stage.

Domestic guest of honour: Győr
Did you know that there will be Olympic Games this year too? City of Győr is hosting the European Youth Olympic Festival. Come and support the Olympic champions of the present and the future in the ‘City of Rivers’!

Cultural guests of honour: Pannonhalma
How about toasting with a glass of wine after the games at the nearby Pannonhalma? The settlement famous for the World Heritage Site of the Benedictine Monastery, its wonderful wines and air filled with lavender fragrance is part of the Győr booth, yet also stands apart from it.